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I am so happy that I can share my work with my loved ones and fellow colleagues in and outside of the Pastry Arts World. This is truly a passion, not driven by monetary gain, but by the complete satisfaction of my clients. So please sit back and enjoy this week to week manifestation of the hands, that God has layed un-merited favor upon... Cake is an artistic medium that can be the centerpiece for any special event. Just as any fine piece of art is lovingly created by the artist, so is the same care and attention to detail given with every design at Cake Couture. We pride ourselves on engineering the finest edible art. Cake Couture is a host many unique client experiences that are all centered on your comfort, individuality, and high expectations. We strive to empower the client with full control supported by leading professional experience. This will ensure every design not only suits your needs but also exceeds your expectations. So whether it is your wedding, a special birthday, or just a delicious day at the office, we can offer a unique cake that will look just as amazing as it will taste.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Icing on the Cake...

This year has been one for the record books...Speaking of...let me go on record and say: I am no longer employed with Bobbie's Cake Creations. If you wish to seek my quality of work, and the quality of work created for Bobbie's Cake Creations between 2006 and 2010, please feel free to email us! You are not seeing double, what you will find on this blog, may also be seen on and select advertisements associated with that company. I have agreed to acknowledge this company as solely a listing on my resume for the time window previously noted. At Cake Couture, We are happy to offer chef-crafted cake flavors and fillings, designs that will delight you, and superior customer service!
Designed by Tiffani Janelle for Cake Creations

Smile Often,

Chef Tiffani-Janelle

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Cheese with that Wine?

This cake was designed for the Weddings in Houston Magazine Launch Party last summer. You may catch glimpses of it in the latest issue.
Designed by Tiffani Janelle for Cake Creations, Photos by David Jones Photography

Growing Pains...

Sepia Tone...Designed by Tiffani Janelle for Cake Creations, Photos by David Jones Photography

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The ALoft Opening--Dallas,Texas

Greetings from Dallas, Texas aka The Hollywood of Texas. We had a blast opening the Starwood ALoft in downtown Dallas. It was a beautiful room with hues of teal, purple, bronze and chartreuse...drawing inspiration from a beautiful peacock feather. Jordan Payne of Jordan Payne Events was the event planner, and she is phenomenal! Jade Gold of Prop Rock provided some of the sexiest furniture you've ever laid eyes on ( All I have to say, is this was an event put together by fabulous women and we danced the nite away!

The Platinum and Gold Collection

This was my spring collection for 2010. A return to all things subtle and beautiful. Much like an engagement ring, each one of my cakes is designed to suit my bride and her heart's desires. With silver, 14 k gold and swarovski crystals adorning these cakes, how could anyone say no...
Designed by Tiffani Janelle for Cake Creations, Photos by David Jones Photography